Network Board member, Nurse Practitioner, Tania Kemp during a workshop feedback session at the September 4 event (above).


More than 80 delegates attended the all-day workshop at the Rydges, Wellington (above).

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On September 4, the Network and the Ministry of Health hosted a workshop in Wellington to discuss the new era of Alliancing.

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In October 2013, Minister Jo Goodhew announced the Government’s support for a new way of allocating rural funding through Service Level Alliances and that additional rural funding would be provided in the form of “transitional funding” and “rural practice sustainability funding.”

Rural Funding Changes, Alliancing Overview, Q & As:

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About Rural Service Level Alliance

The overall purpose of the Rural Service Level Alliance (RSLA) is to ensure rural communities of our region have equitable and effective access to Primary Health Care (PHC) services. The RSLA is a group of clinical and non-clinical professionals drawn together to assess the impact of new services or service reconfigurations on rural communities, and to make recommendations to the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT) as to how improvements would be best implemented.

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