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  • Budget 2016 - Network response

    Date published
    27 May 2016

    There might be no silver funding bullets for rural health in the Government’s latest Budget but there should be trickledown benefits across a range of health initiatives nationally, says New Zealand Rural General Practice Network chief executive Dalton Kelly.

  • VBS 2017 stakeholder consultation

    Date published
    18 May 2016

    Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) annually reviews the Terms and Conditions of the Voluntary Bonding Scheme (VBS) to ensure it is aligned with current and forecasted hard-to-staff geographic areas and specialties. A review for the 2017 intake (i.e. health professionals who will graduate in 2016) is now underway. They are seeking comment from the stakeholders on the hard-to-staff communities and specialties, and general comments on the current Terms and Conditions for each profession under the Scheme.

  • Patient portals for rural GPs

    Date published
    13 May 2016

    The first patient portals were introduced in New Zealand in early 2014. Portals offer patients the ability to interact and communicate with their general practice health care team online. Portals make a lot of sense for rural GPs or GPs based in larger centres who have a number of patients who live rurally. (Source: Health IT Engagement, Technology and Digital Services, Ministry of Health)

  • Tim Malloy resumes College presidency

    Date published
    27 Apr 2016

    Wellsford GP Dr Tim Malloy has resumed his presidency of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.
    Dr Mark Peterson has been acting President while Dr Malloy recovered from a serious quad bike accident in late January.
    “I’d like to thank Mark and the Board, as well as College management for all their support during a very difficult time,” said Dr Malloy.
    “Everyone did a great job while I was recuperating and I’m very grateful to be back at work and taking care of business as usual.”

  • Revised NZ health strategy released

    Date published
    19 Apr 2016

    Health Minister Jonathan Coleman recently released the revised New Zealand Health Strategy Future Direction (2016) which focuses on five themes: people-powered, closer to home, value and high performance, one team and smart system.

    The second tier of the strategy is a “Road Map of Actions” and identifies the actions needed over the next five years to make the 10-year strategy happen.


  • National Rural Health Conference 2017

    start date - end date:
    30 Mar 2017 - 2 Apr 2017
    TSB Arena, Wellington

    The Capital’s TSB Arena-Shed 6 conference centre will host the Network’s 2017 conference.
    This follows a hugely successful event in Dunedin earlier this year and the conference’s scheduled return to the North Island every second year.
    The decision to select Wellington as the preferred venue – Auckland and Rotorua were also considered – was made because of Wellington’s central location, ease of flights in and out, ample hotel accommodation within walking distance to the venue, and its close proximity to government.

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